Poetry Swindon Festival

2 10 2017

So today I was in a cow onesie outside Swindon town centre M&S reading The Cow by Roald Dahl, with a bunch of other onesie animals. (The other option was to read An Ode to Autumn by Keates with added moos).

The point of this stunt – and believe it or not this was the watered down version as originally we were to be birthed from a giant fallopian tube – was to do something for social media for Poetry Swindon Festival which starts this Thursday (5th-9th October 2017).

This sums up the Festival, no doubt the silliest and friendliest of its kind, which treats Poetry as Life but never a poe-face in sight.

Most of it takes place at the Richard Jefferies Museum (Coate, Swindon) pop-up Tent Palace of the Delicious Air, with bits and bobs here and there like the Poetry Pram trundling poems to give away round Swindon town centre to bemused locals.

Here’s more about it: richardjefferies.org

In fact, there’s me in the cops and robbers leggings from last year, photo under Friday 6th.

If you want to see the Onesie Stunt, go check out the Twitter feed at @poetry_swindon

And I’m one of the two festival bloggers at festivalchronicle.com

Written by Louisa

Competitions and submissions

24 06 2016

Budding writers! Just six days to go to enter Poetry Swindon‘s BATTERED MOONS POETRY COMPETITION and submit to DOMESTIC CHERRY magazine.

Battered Moons only costs £5 to enter per poem, and has a top prize of £700.

Domestic Cherry invites submissions of Poetry, Flash Fiction, Playlets, Shopping Lists, Inner Leg Measurements, First Borns and Bribes! No fee but you may be published in the lovely DC mag.

More info here:



Deadline for both is Thursday 30 June 2016.