Poetry Swindon Festival

2 10 2017

So today I was in a cow onesie outside Swindon town centre M&S reading The Cow by Roald Dahl, with a bunch of other onesie animals. (The other option was to read An Ode to Autumn by Keates with added moos).

The point of this stunt – and believe it or not this was the watered down version as originally we were to be birthed from a giant fallopian tube – was to do something for social media for Poetry Swindon Festival which starts this Thursday (5th-9th October 2017).

This sums up the Festival, no doubt the silliest and friendliest of its kind, which treats Poetry as Life but never a poe-face in sight.

Most of it takes place at the Richard Jefferies Museum (Coate, Swindon) pop-up Tent Palace of the Delicious Air, with bits and bobs here and there like the Poetry Pram trundling poems to give away round Swindon town centre to bemused locals.

Here’s more about it: richardjefferies.org

In fact, there’s me in the cops and robbers leggings from last year, photo under Friday 6th.

If you want to see the Onesie Stunt, go check out the Twitter feed at @poetry_swindon

And I’m one of the two festival bloggers at festivalchronicle.com

Written by Louisa


Competitions and submissions

24 06 2016

Budding writers! Just six days to go to enter Poetry Swindon‘s BATTERED MOONS POETRY COMPETITION and submit to DOMESTIC CHERRY magazine.

Battered Moons only costs £5 to enter per poem, and has a top prize of £700.

Domestic Cherry invites submissions of Poetry, Flash Fiction, Playlets, Shopping Lists, Inner Leg Measurements, First Borns and Bribes! No fee but you may be published in the lovely DC mag.

More info here:



Deadline for both is Thursday 30 June 2016.


Words, Pictures, Publishing

8 03 2016



Just met former primary school deputy head and children’s writer, Vicki Watson, who runs a publishing company, Callisto Green. They offer a full service from editing to book design to book coaching. Always handy to know these kind of people when stuck or want a book to look as well as read professional.

And I liked their cool infographic above.


Post by Louisa Davison, Marlborough

First Novel Prize

8 03 2016

Daniel Goldsmith Associates is pleased to introduce the First Novel Prize, an exciting new competition for unpublished and independently published writers. Not only will writers have the chance to win £1,000 for first prize, but they will also have their work read and recognised by a panel of publishing professionals.
“It is a real privilege to judge a writing competition. The range of undiscovered talent is always amazing.” Robin Wade, Literary Agent at Wade & Co.

“I’m delighted to be a judge for the First Novel Prize. It’s a wonderful chance to highlight new talent and I look forward to discovering a fantastic new voice in fiction.” Carla Josephson, Judge & Fiction Editor at Simon & Schuster

“The overall aim of the new First Novel Prize is to find an outstanding new writer and a brilliant debut.” Lorena Goldsmith, Judge & Literary Consultant at Daniel Goldsmith Associates

Entries: Now Open!

Closing Date: 31st May 2016

Submissions: full manuscripts only, should be in English, unpublished or self-published, of any adult genre and over 50,000 words. Please note that children’s fiction, Young Adult and Non-fiction will not qualify for entry.


*1st – £1000* *2nd – £250* *3rd – £100*

All entries must include a title page with your contact details followed by a synopsis and the whole novel attached within the same document. The entry fee is £25.

Post by Louisa Davison, Marlborough

Unpublished novelist competition 2016

6 03 2016

Creativate National Writing Competition 2016: Call for Submissions


UK Creative Arts is delighted to announce the creation of a new competition for budding UK writers. In the UK, there are a number of talented authors who are aspiring to have their work published. The Creativate National Writing Competition has been launched by UK Creative Arts, in order to support those authors who have talent, but who haven’t yet had the opportunity of demonstrating that talent to the industry. As part of UK Creative Arts’ Youth Pledge, we will be donating a percentage of authors’ entry fees to Book Trust, the largest reading charity in the UK.


The works must be original fiction, and can be either unpublished or self-published. There are six different categories for full length-novels:

Category A: Fiction: YA 

Category B: Fiction: Drama / Historical Drama

Category C: Fiction: Romance

Category D: Fiction: Crime / Mystery 

Category E: Fiction: Science Fiction 

Category F: Fiction: Fantasy


Prizes for winners and runners-up include cash prizes, and a writing course grant. The winners’ biographies, and a sample of their work, will also be featured in the UK Creative Arts 2016 Annual Report, which is sent to companies and organisations in the creative arts industry, including the UK’s principal agents and publishers.


The entry fee is £15, of which a percentage will be donated to the charity Book Trust.


All entries must be received by the 30th April 2016.


You can find more information and enter the competition by visiting the information page on the website of UK Creative Arts at http://www.uk-arts.org/writing , or by phoning the office on 020 3286 3544. 


Book Trust is the largest reading charity in the UK. Book Trust programmes bring together specially selected books and resources, boosting confidence and skills, and ensuring that no child misses out on the life changing benefits of reading for pleasure.

Post by Louisa Davison, Marlborough

Update on Marlborough Writers

7 08 2015

Currently (Aug 2015) we have fantasy and historical writers, a scriptwriter and a playwright and poets.

We welcome any writers who would like to be part of a supportive group, offer and accept constructive criticism.

See the box at the right for when we meet, the ‘about’ page for the format and who to contact to show your interest.

Post by Louisa Davison, Marlborough.

Marlborough Writers – are you one?

4 01 2014

I notice that I haven’t posted for nearly two years (slap wrists), but stuff has been happening on the writer’s front.

We’ve changed from Riverbank Writers to Marlborough Writers. As with every creative group, the format changes and evolves.

We welcome anyone who writes. What does that mean? Well, you put pen to paper (real or virtual) and create a story or write an account, which could be in any form – prose, poem, screenplay. All are good.

So if you want to emerge from your office, shed, bedroom, library, coffee shop or where ever it is you write and want to find out if ‘you’re on to something’, do join the group.

We’re here to discover the joys of reading new work and supporting each other to be better writers.

Next meeting is Tuesday 7th January 2014, which is in a few days time. Let me know if you want to come (see dates page)

Post by Louisa Davison, Marlborough